T. Frederick H. Candlyn Anniversaries 1938 and 1940

This photograph has hung in the robing room for choir men for many years, but we were never sure of the occasion represented, or the names of those pictured, other than T. Frederick Candlyn (St. Paul’s organist and choirmaster 1915 — 1943), who is seated in the center.  Thanks to a scrapbook compiled by parishioner Grace McKinlay Kennedy in 1940, we now know that the photograph was published in the Knickerbocker News for April 22, 1938, with all explained.

1938 Choir Boy Reunion with T.F.H. Candlyn

1938 Choir Boy Reunion with T.F.H. Candlyn

The event was a reunion of former boy choristers, probably occasioned by  the 23rd anniversary of Candlyn’s arrival at St. Paul’s that month.  In addition to Candlyn, those pictured are:

  • Ted Bearup
  • Ed Newcomb
  • Charles Tremper
  • Marion Henry
  • Harold Henry
  • Herbert Devlin
  • James McCammon
  • James Shattuck
  • Harvey Sayles
  • Raymond S. Halse
  • Russell LaGrange
  • Charles Loftus
  • Edward Jackson
  • Laird Robinson

In the same scrapbook, Grace McKinlay Kennedy included this drawing of Candlyn, published in the Knickerbocker News April 20, 1940, on Candlyn’s 25th anniversary at St. Paul’s.

T.F.H. Candlyn 25th Anniversary at St. Paul's

T.F.H. Candlyn 25th Anniversary at St. Paul’s

The scrapbook also explains a photograph of Candlyn that had puzzled us all. It shows Candlyn with George A. Taylor (St. Paul’s rector 1932 — 1948) standing in front of the chancel, with Taylor handing Candlyn what appears to be an umbrella.

Candlyn and George A Taylor, June 1940

Candlyn and George A Taylor, June 1940

This photograph, she tells us, is not from Candlyn’s 25th anniversary as organist and choirmaster. It was taken two months later, in June 1940, when Candlyn was honored for twenty-five years’ perfect attendance at Sunday School.


8 thoughts on “T. Frederick H. Candlyn Anniversaries 1938 and 1940

    1. Paul Nance Post author

      There are several other posts on Dr. Candlyn. To see them all, click on the “Candlyn” link in the category list on the right side of the window.


  1. Andrea Kibble

    I am really thrilled to have found out so much information; thank you very much for telling me about the link.
    Best Regards, Andrea Kibble
    Ps My mother was a Candlin on both sides.


  2. Frances Lister

    Hello, I’m doing some research for the local Operatic Society in Doncaster and have found a recognition for their pianist, Mr. T.F.H. Candlin for their first production of The Mikado at the Grand Theatre Doncaster in 1910 and wondered if he is the same person as the one mentioned in the above article. I’d be grateful for any information.


    1. Paul Nance Post author

      Yes, the Doncaster pianist is the same Thomas Frederick Handel Candlyn who emigrated to the United States in 1915 as organist and choirmaster at St. Paul’s Church, Albany, New York. Candlyn was assistant organist at St. George’s Church, Doncaster, from 1908 until 1910. He studied composition with the church’s organist, Wilfrid Ernest Sanderson, who (as you know) was also the first musical director of the Doncaster Amateur Operatic Society. Candlyn earned his bachelor’s degree (by examination) at the University of Durham in 1911 and then earned a living for a few years by playing piano on cruise ships.


  3. Paul Nance Post author

    Also, if you haven’t already found them, there are several other posts on the blog about T.F.H. Candlyn and his family. Use this link to see them all:

    The Wikipedia article on Candlyn contains some additional information:

    If you have any other questions, you can use the “Contact” option on the blog menu, and I will respond on email.



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