January 29, 1947 — St. Paul’s Parish Aid Society

In a recent post, I mentioned the difficulty of tracing women’s involvement in St. Paul’s church in the earliest period. By the mid-twentieth century, women’s organizations are more often recognized. We are lucky to have these two snapshots taken during World War II, showing the women of  St. Paul’s Parish Aid Society sewing for the Red Cross. The photographs are unusual in including identification for each person. Do some of our current members remember any of these ladies?

Rector, assistant rector and two members of the Parish Aid Society. Note the parish photo gallery on the wall behind them, with portraits of some of the congregation’s wardens and vestrymen.  George Taylor was our rector from 1932 until 1948; Rollin S. Polk was curate from 1945 until 1947.  Pictured left to right are: Mrs. Wm. H. Verch (treasurer), the Rev. Rollin S. Polk (Assistant Minister), Mrs. George S. Jacobsen (worker), the Rev. George A. Taylor (Rector).

Parish Aid Society January 1947

Parish Aid Society January 1947


Women at work. Part of the photo gallery is also visible here; we can see the  section with portraits of major donors and men who had entered the ministry from St. Paul’s.  The large portrait at rear left is of Thomas A. Starkey, St. Paul’s rector from 1854 until 1858 and later bishop of Northern New Jersey. Gwenola Smith Jones (fourth from right) was the wife of Sydney T. Jones (senior warden from 1922 until 1943 or later) and mother-in-law of the rector. The women are (L-R): Mrs. Marion Larwood, Mrs. George Jacobsen, Mrs. Margaret Weaver, Mrs. Edward McCammon, Mrs. Fred Eckel, Jr., Mrs. William J. McKown, Mrs. W. Phinn, Mrs. Sydney T. Jones,  Mrs. Augustus Bender, Mrs. W.J. Fernette, Mrs. W.S. McDowell

Parish Aid Society Ladies January 1947

Parish Aid Society Ladies January 1947

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