May 1915 — The Arrival of T.F.H. Candlyn as St. Paul’s Organist and Choirmaster

Last month marked the centennial of T. Frederick H. Candlyn‘s arrival at St. Paul’s.  Among musicians at St. Paul’s Church during the twentieth century, Candlyn stands preeminent. Not only did he serve as our organist and choirmaster for an unprecedented 28 years (from 1915 until 1943), he was also an internationally respected composer of works for organ and for choir. I will have much else to say about Dr. Candlyn at another time, but didn’t want to let the anniversary pass without this brief reminder, and without sharing this portrait of him, taken at St. Paul’s organ.

T. Frederick H. Candlyn at St. Paul's organ.

T. Frederick H. Candlyn at St. Paul’s organ.

7 thoughts on “May 1915 — The Arrival of T.F.H. Candlyn as St. Paul’s Organist and Choirmaster

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  4. crockerjones

    Do you know of any descendants of Dr Candlyn. I am married to his great grand-daughter and we have undertaken a research project on the history of the Candlyn family.
    Thank-you in advance and anticipation.


      1. crockerjones

        Good Morning Paul, and thank you for such a swift response. Kay, Fredericks grand-daughter, and I have ben married for quite a while. We still live very close to where Frederick was born and raised. His house is still in fact there close to the church where I believe he began his musical career. I am specifically looking for information about his just prior to emigrating and what happened when he arrived in the USA. Many thanks.


  5. Paul Nance Post author

    At the top of the blog post is a link labeled “Contact.” Clicking that link will take you to a form that will send me a message directly,andt we can continue our conversation by email.



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